Informative Lines about Co-occurring Disorders

‘Mental disorders’ is one of the common problems that people encounter when they consume abused drugs. Sometimes, both these kinds of health problems are experienced by the person at the same time or simultaneously. These dual health problems are termed medically as co-occurring disorder.

Usually, this kind of disorder is treated in reliable rehab centers like Schwartz Center in Lexington. The patients are treated for detoxification and to cure mental health problems that help to gain relief in a few days and lead a lively life.

These co-occurring disorders often trouble the person who has used abused drugs for a longer time or has consumed an excess of alcohol over the years. Their physical and mental health remains low thus are subjected to endure many health problems.

Symptoms Of Co-Occurring Disorders

  • They seek lonely living away from the crowd of near and dear ones. They are always trying to be far away from friends and family.
  • People observe sudden changes in their behavior. Either they are too calm and not react to any situation or they are violent in behavior. Their dear ones remain confused about the person’s mental status and worried about his/her behavior pattern.
  • They aren’t able to lead a normal life or focus on work. They aren’t able to concentrate on anything and do not even complete their daily tasks conveniently.
  • They need to consume the abused substance to focus on work. The withdrawal symptoms of drug addiction hover over them which makes them unable to do daily activities as a normal person.
  • Slowly their physical health is affected, which makes them feel irritated and eventually they experience depression symptoms.
  • They aren’t able to maintain hygiene and eating habits change drastically, which lowers their immunity system.

People troubled with co-occurring disorders need immediate medical attention. Hence, it will be beneficial to contact the best rehab center health ca

Nalin Jaison
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