Popular Procedures For Medical Tourists Visiting Bangkok

Millions of people visit Thailand each year for a wonderful tropical holiday, but an increasing number of these visitors have an ulterior motive for visiting. Medical tourism is on the rise in Thailand as many people seek treatment for various conditions from highly skilled and qualified doctors at an affordable price compared to many other countries. Below are some common treatments that people seek while visiting Thailand that may have you considering seeing a doctor when you visit the Land of Smiles next.


When you are considering a facelift, Bangkok does thousands of these procedures every year at the many clinics and hospitals throughout the city. You can look and feel much younger after treatment, and there are many excellent surgeons you can use for the treatment throughout the city.

Corrective Eye Surgery

Many people are also seeking corrective eye surgery when they visit Thailand, and there are various treatments you can use. You can throw away your prescription glasses or contact lenses after treatment and restore your vision at an affordable price.


Another common cosmetic procedure that is common in Thailand is rhinoplasty, with many people wanting a new shape for their nose to help enhance their looks. Many skilled surgeons specialise in this procedure in Bangkok and having a holiday after your surgery will help the healing, so you are almost fully recovered by the time you get home.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is another popular treatment for lots of tourists visiting Thailand seeking to benefit from the available and affordable treatments. Whatever your preferred size and option is, you can get an excellent job done by skilled specialists in Bangkok that you will love.

Cosmetic Dental Surgery

There are also various cosmetic dental surgeries you can have when visiting Thailand, including teeth whitening, dental veneers, or dental implants. There are lots of clinics throughout the city with few waiting lists for treatment, and at a much more affordable price than in many western countries.


When you have stubborn areas of fat on your body that you cannot shift no matter what you do, you can consider having liposuction when you visit Thailand to give yourself the perfect body. Many clinics and hospitals offer liposuction, and it is a highly competitive industry, so you can often get some fantastic deals on treatments when you shop around and compare clinics and hospitals.

For more information on the various procedures and why Thailand is an excellent destination for medical tourists, click here.

Nalin Jaison
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